Did you know that each tooth is connected to a different organ in the body? Did you know that when searching for a dentist you should look for a biological dentist? Oral health is extremely important!
My husband and I have never agreed on toothpaste. We’ve always had our own and since we don’t have a double vanity, it’s a little annoying, until now… folks, we finally have a winner! One we both agree on Game changer!!! The texture, the taste, the ingredients are all good! I’m for ingredients, my husband is about texture so this is a win, win!!! Then, for a mouthwash all you do is add 1 drop on OnGuard oil into an 8oz glass of water and bam There you have it! Safe and effective.
Make sure you alway look for FLUORIDE FREE, no artificial colors/dyes, flavors or sweeteners, no preservatives, no SLS (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates), no saccharin and no propylene glycol.

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