Homemade Bulletproof Coffee

Coffee is consumed more consistently than any other food or beverage. However, coffee is a crop known to have the highest amount of PESTICIDES. First item in order is to make sure your coffee is ORGANIC. Releasing yourself from this consistent dose of trace pesticides will do a number for your overall health. But what makes it bulletproof? What is homemade Bulletproof coffee?

First, as mentioned, use organic coffee for better gut health. A good ratio is 4 tablespoons of coffee for every two cups of water.
Second, it is recommend using a French press made of glass and/or metal optimal coffee results. It’s time to get rid of the traditional coffee makers made of plastic that no doubt leave trace amounts of plastic in your drink. While the French press takes a little longer and is more physical effort, would you agree your health is worth it? Recommended steep time is around 4 minutes…
Third, I urge you to no longer use the over-processed and highly-sweetened dairy creamers. These creamers usually contain a ridiculous amount of ingredients and will give you a sugar high resulting in a crash around lunchtime leaving you tired in the afternoon. Instead, us a little grass-fed butter! 2 tablespoons should do the trick. This saturated fat is great for brain health and function early in the day.
Fourth, try adding 2 tablespoons of organic MCT oil. Derived from coconuts, this oil is also high in saturated fats promoting good brain health early in the morning. The MCT oil and grass fed butter together will give you sustained energy throughout the day, better mental focus, and also has fat burning benefits.
Fifth, once the coffee is steeped, add the grass fed butter and MCT oil and use a hand held emulsion blender to froth it all up into one of the best home made coffee concoctions known to man kind. *Bonus step: for extra flavor, feel free to add some organic cinnamon, organic vanilla, and/or organic stevia sweetener for added flare before emulsifying.

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