Let’s talk paint. We moved into our condo a few months ago and I thought I could live with the paint color in our son’s room so we could save some money with all the moving costs. After a month, I couldn’t stand it anymore (peach walls for a boy’s room just isn’t my jam – it didn’t feel like his own space) and wished we had painted before we moved in so I didn’t have to worry about having him exposed to any chemicals. I researched and found that if we used a no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint, there would be pretty much low to no odor. Whether you have children or not, always go for a no-VOC paint. They are available in pretty much every brand and available in most colors.

**Side note: VOCs are not only found in paints, but also in cleaning supplies, building materials, furnishings, air fresheners and pesticides- basically anything with a strong odor should be avoided. VOCs can cause serious respiratory illness and cancers, and the EPA doesn’t know much about the long term health effects from daily household VOCs so it’s good to eliminate WHAT YOU CAN by trying to achieve a chemical free home.

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