Organic Mattress Covers

The importance of organic mattress covers is to protect you and your loved ones from off-gassing chemicals while sleeping. Thankfully, we purchased an organic mattress for our son’s crib mattress, however, my husband and I purchased a conventional mattress 2 years ago and aren’t in the situation to purchase an organic King size mattress for us. If you’re stuck with your current mattress, like we are, there are a few things you can do to improve your current sleeping situation. Just make sure your products are Greenguard Gold certified or GOTS certified ✅
1️⃣. Put an organic mattress encasement around it to protect yourself from on-gassing chemicals. This seriously is a huge encasement that zips up around your mattress!
2️⃣. I then like to put a mattress pad over it. I like it for added protection, not only for us, but for our mattress too. It’s waterproof and dust mite proof, plus, it can help tighten things up to keep the encasement from bunching up.
3️⃣. Organic sheets! Not only are they safe, but comfortable too!

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