Organic Mattresses

It’s no better time to go over the most important area in your home. It’s where your little angel spends at the very least, 20% of their day: MATTRESSES, SHEETS and BED. I do not share any of this information to cause fear, anxiety or frustration. I have been there as I learned this info, and motherhood will do that to you. Before I had my son, I could care less about this stuff. However, now that I am responsible for another life and we are sicker as a nation than ever before, I feel obligated, honored and thankful to pass along what I have learned. Let’s take a look at how organic mattresses can protect you and your loved ones.

3 reasons why you should consider organic mattresses

1. Get an organic mattress (and mattress cover): Most mattress are chemically treated with flame retardants so unfortunately, they off-gas all sorts of chemicals in your baby’s face, so get a natural fiber and FIRM mattress that is made of wool (a natural flame retardant), cotton and other natural materials. Also, I like to wrap that puppy up in a protective mattress cover to protect your little one and the mattress from all sorts of harmful bacteria, dust and other intruders since no mattress is 100% organic, even though it’s 100% natural fibers.

2. Get 100% organic sheets: not only do they feel the best, but the cotton will not be sprayed with pesticides. Plus, make sure they have no chemical flame retardants or synthetic finishes on them.

3. Get a real-wood crib/bed with non-toxic paint: look for solid wood and if it’s painted, make sure it’s no-VOC paint. Plus, when it comes to teething time, you want to make sure if your little one happens to get paint in their mouth (mine did ??) that it’s the least toxic kind out there.
This stuff is expensive. I know! Thankfully, we actually purchase the crib used (thank you Craigslist). The sheets were reasonable, the mattress and mattress cover cost an arm and a leg. I basically sold a lot of stuff to pay for those, but my son’s health and my peace of mind was well worth every penny to ensure he would have the best✨

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